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06 Dec

Year 1 | Toy Workshop

by Miss Bennett and Miss De Sanctis

A toy workshop have been into school to work with Year One.

The children used hammers and drills to make moving toys.

Thank you Don and Kathryn for coming in to help us. 

Can you write some sentences about what you did?

Remember to use past tense verbs.

06 Dec

Year 2 | Our Kenyan Artwork

by Mrs Cain

Year 2 have created some fantastic Artwork in the style of Sarah Shiundu, a famous Kenyan Artist.

Can you guess what media they used to create these? Do you think they used paints, crayons, pastels, felt tips or collage materials? Do you think they have used more than one medium?

What does it make you think of when you look at these paintings?

Can you tell me any interesting facts about Kenya?

Mrs Cain